Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Out with the meatballs, in with the hot dogs?

Well, I never read so much about food scandal as I did this week. The world’s most famous Swedish meatballs, those sold to bleary-eyed shoppers at Ikea, were found to contain horsemeat at outlets in 14 European countries. Organic eggs in Germany turn out to have been laid by battery hens fattened on distinctly non-organic feed. And in the USA, a new study using DNA analysis has found that “seafood fraud” is rampant on our very own shores. One frequent stand-in for what sushi restaurants call “tuna” is actually a cheaper, oily fish called escolar, which can give you explosive diarrhea. And the odds that you’ll get real red snapper in a restaurant or at the supermarket are about 1 in 16, or roughly the same as Gonzaga Universities chances of winning this month’s NCAA men’s basketball  championship.
It’s enough to make a person just go out and eat chocolate!