Monday, September 30, 2013

Bubbles & Bella

I’ve always believed that dogs are supposed to be a man’s best friend, but I just read about a black Labrador who has become the inseparable pal of an elephant living in a Myrtle Beach S.C. safari park. The elephant’s name is Bubbles and the dog’s name is Bella. Bubbles  has learned to throw a ball for Bella, who races to retrieve it. The two also swim together, and Bella loves to dive off of Bubbles’ head. They have an interspecies friendship. What a great example for us humans!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dispatcher goes "above and beyond" the call of duty

When a bride-to-be in Washington State discovered that her wedding dress had been stolen from her car on the morning of her wedding day, she called 911 in tears. The dispatcher sent the police, and then asked what size the dress was. Amanda (the bride-to-be) turned out to be the same dress size as the dispatcher, who just happened to have been married a few months before. She offered her dress to Amanda, and the wedding ceremony had a “happily ever after” ending!